Are Sara Bush’s training class artifacts (100 & 200) and snack-able videos available to use?


Does anyone have information on the 2 classes Sara Bush mentioned in a few of her Ignite sessions, and if they are available for download and repurpose with our customers?  She mentioned the “Art of Teamwork”, “100 Get Productive”for Team members, and “200 Design your toolkit” for Team owners. 


Also, any idea when the snack-able videos will be available to reference?  She mentioned creating several videos, use-case-based, less than 5 min videos, and thought they’d be available at a future date.  


Thanks in advance if someone can poin me to these resources. 

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Hi @Christopher Hoard .  Thank you for the references. They're good references, but I'm not finding what I was looking for.

For the 2 classes, I was hoping to get my hands on the collateral (e.g., class presentation, demo script, best practices)  provided to the internal MS product champions from Pouneh and Sara's team.


For the snackable videos, I was hoping to find the videos that they used as part of their adoption.  They listed these videos in the BRK3230 presentation

  1. First 5 Things to do in Microsoft Teams
  2. Private Meetings in Microsoft Teams
  3. Navigating within a Microsoft Teams Meeting
  4. “Teams Only” Mode in Microsoft Teams


The videos I found from the links you shared were very good, but didn't find these specific ones. 


Also, thanks for the class references.  I agree.  Great classes.  Just finished the service adoption class yesterday.


I haven't finished listening to the BRK3230 video yet.  Do Pouneh or Sara provide references to that collateral verbally?  It's ok if you provide any spoilers.


Is the info there, and I'm just missing it?  I have that problem when I'm grocery shopping ;)

@Christopher Hoard- Got my answer on the snackable videos.  Just looked in the service adoption class discussion board.  They will be published, but not yet available.  Did get a reference to another useful YouTube reference - 


Hi @Rob Schmidt, 


I don't think you are missing it - I think these resources - as in the Art of Teamwork and the collateral aren't available externally or available yet unless they aren't marketed under those names. I went back and watched the sections of the video, and they are referred to as internal resources for the roll out of Teams within Microsoft. It also referenced the Champions Program which is available and run by Karuana - whether this is the same one that is here on the Tech Community or an internal run prototype by Microsoft prior to this - this also isn't clear.


My recommendation is to reach out on a private to @Pouneh Kaufman to enquire about these assets. I can't find them anywhere, not in TC, on social, on the Teams sites, or on YouTube - all references work back to Inspire 2018.


Hope that answers your question. Good luck and hope you get those resources off the Team.


Best, Chris  

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Hi there... we have not released the Art of Teamwork resources to the public yet.  But you can share our online training courses which are based on those which you can find here:


At some point we will release the presentations themselves to our Microsoft Certified Training community but that probably won't be until April of this year. 



Hi, any status update? Would be good to watch those video's that made Teams such a success inside Microsoft!

@Karuana Gatimu We are working on our roll-out for Teams in my organization. I just completed the Adoption Specialist Training and I thought it was mentioned there that these resources were now available but I can't find them anywhere. It would be so great to have a toolkit to work with for training! Where can I find the level 100 and 200 course materials?