Anyone Know IF or WHEN Microsoft will fix the bullet-point bug in Teams?

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I'm certain many/most of you have come across the bug I'm referring to.  If you're not, there is a bug in Teams chat and Channels where using the keyboard dash [-] to start a bullet list will..

  1. use the wrong bullet level, and..
  2. post the message when you press [ENTER] instead of starting a new line'

The only workaround is to manually select the bullet list option from the formatting bar.   Not a great look for Microsoft when I have to train users on Teams.


I haven't seen any acknowledgement of this bug from Microsoft since it started last fall, so I'm curious to see if anyone knows more about this.

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@atrain204 What do you mean? 

Tested in two different tenants. 

Bullets created with dash exact same as per button. Pressing enter did'nt send the message, but jump to next line (as in formating mode). 


Tip: CTRL+SHIFT+X is formating shortcut - never hit enter and sent by accident 🤷🏼‍:male_sign:

Interesting. Perhaps Microsoft is working on a fix quietly, but I'm still finding random instances between the Desktop and web app where bullets don't work correctly.

The other day I was editing a post in Teams and I couldn't get it to work then either.
Hey there... I'm going to copy/move this thread to the Teams' forum to see if it gets more traction there. Also I'll ping our Quality lead in messaging to see if this is a known issue. Am I correct in your statement that this happens in both 1:1/1:Group chat and channel messages?

@Karuana Gatimu Thanks!  This bug/glitch seems to be happening less frequently these days but I'm still seeing it occur randomly.  I just did some quick tests:


  • Bullets work correctly in Team channels (web & desktop apps) both when creating and editing a post
  • Bullets in Teams chat (web & desktop apps) are still behaving oddly, but are working better than before:
    • When adding bullets with the keyboard, level 2 (hollow) bullets are added instead of (solid) level 1
    • Hitting enter to add a new line/bullet is now working correctly.  Before, it would send the message after the first bullet, but now it lets me add multiple lines and even start a new paragraph after the list. 

I hope this information helps.  I know that I'm not the only one to have experienced this.

I'm relatively new to MS Teams and am seeing this issue. Did some quick searching online to see if anyone else had this bug and found this thread (among others) @Karuana Gatimu