Any help for the M365 cloud adoption

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Hello, Im digital workplace service Manager, and I would like to adopte M365 to all my organisation ( 16'000 users)

Any documentitions and supprorts to help me for to promote M365 solution.

Thank you

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you want to test the feature and showcase them to your management. ?

I can certainly help guide you and your org through this but there are several nuances in all Microsoft 365 deployments to any org.


First, I recommend looking at the Microsoft 365 admin center, which is a centralized dashboard for managing your organization’s Microsoft 365 services. You can use it to manage user accounts, set up security policies, view analytics, and more. Second, I recommend going through the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center overview, which provides a comprehensive look at the features, tools, and processes available to help protect your organization’s data and users. Third, I recommend checking out the Microsoft 365 Learning Paths which provides an organized list of lessons and resources to help you get up to speed on a variety of topics related to Microsoft 365. Finally, I recommend taking a look at the Microsoft 365 Support and Troubleshooting Center, which provides helpful information on topics such as deploying Microsoft 365, troubleshooting authentication issues, and more. I hope this information is helpful.


DM me via Teams Chat (or reply here) I would love to have a Teams call to discuss approach based on my experience.

Sounds like you have a big challenge ahead of you. Do you already have M365 in place or are you looking to start using it? As a starting point, check out the Microsoft Adoption resources here: The Adoption Score will also be a helpful source of information about your users: I'd also encourage you to join the monthly champions call for insight from others:

Hi, we relaunched our Champions network in Feb 2023. We have trebled its size in 6 months :) via regular engagement and events.

I am working through this training which is excellent. A lot of the principles we have adopted:


The training above takes you through the different phases including identifying key stakeholders and sponsors.