Adoptions guides in French

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Is anyone aware of the existance of  the following ressources Champion – Microsoft Adoption been available in French. I'm reffering to the Adoption Documents for OneDrive, Teams, Sharepoint and Outlook mobile.  I need to have any final user documentation publish in French and English.


Thank you in advanced

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Can anyone tell me if they have stumble on the different adoptions tools in French. Here is an example of the one for Teams: Ideally I will like to see it in French. Not just the page itseflt but the different documents and templates.
The only thing I've been able to come across in regards to French content on Teams adoption specifically is this type - not sure if this helps at all & sorry I couldn't be of more help. Perhaps someone else has insight? I haven't been able to come across the "marketable" adoption guide(s) in French or any other templates in that regard. Maybe someone else will know for sure, but I didn't wanna leave ya hanging out here unnoticed :)