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I have a large enterprise customer in the process of moving off Cisco Webex to Teams as well as from Box to One Drive and large scale adoption of SPO. The change process is overwhelming for them. They have users thinking they are deleting chats but actually deleting whole channels - they need help and support for what they call "time starved employees" (those who don't own their calendars). The libraries of content we provide is information overload in their view. They are looking for some hand holding in the form of content curation, Overview videos etc. 


Do we have any Corp resources that can help a customer like this? 


We just eliminated the MW CSM role

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@Rory_Ainsworth Hey Rory, that's a big change and it sounds like some of the basics need to be addressed across several levels. Like you said, plenty of handholding and learning is needed.


Ideally a tailored approach would be used, but looking at the content that's readily available, I'd suggest starting with some of this and expand. 


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