Adoption Specialist Program - I got my certificate !! Did you ?

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Hallo Folks, 


I am happy to share that I completed Microsoft Technology Adoption Specialist Program and got certification as well.  

Wanted to share this all as this is one of most important credentials in my career point of view as i have picked up Adoption Pathway to develop myself and push forward and collaborate with my partners with more effectiveness. Thanks to @Karuana Gatimu and her team for this course and the videos. 

I was part of the the adoption program for one for the clients in Germany and lots of success stories throughout. I could correlate all the scenarios and experiences with the content/theory in the course which helped me understand the topic well. 

I would definitely give it a thumbs up to this course :) and encourage whoever is interested to take it up.


 All the best all adopters, champions, collaborators out there with your adoption journeys :)





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