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The Adoption Masterminds meeting last week had 24 attendees from 4 to 5 different countries represented! I wanted to share some of the takeaways here: 

  • Overall adoption of Microsoft 365: Terence, David, Daniel, Leslie, and others shared their insights and challenges on applying change management principles, getting executive sponsorship, defining success measures, and engaging users with different cultures and needs.
  • OneDrive adoption: Katie shared her frustration with low OneDrive adoption and lack of leadership support. Stanhope, Teresa, Eric, and others suggested some strategies to measure, communicate, and incentivize OneDrive usage, such as using Intune, success stories, and KPIs.
  • Fun and user-friendly features: Leslie, Teresa, and Arik discussed the role of fun and user-friendly features in Microsoft 365, such as filters, emojis, and Viva. They debated the value and appropriateness of some features, such as the Maybelline lipstick filter, and the importance of making the tools easy and transparent to use.
  • Managing expectations and costs: Lisa Jo raised the issue of managing expectations and costs with multiple businesses and different licensing levels within one tenant. She also expressed her frustration with Microsoft's frequent and unpredictable updates and changes. David and Terence agreed that this is a challenge and suggested to start the next call with this topic.


This recap was brought to you by CoPilot :) This was a fun and insightful conversation, and an awesome opportunity to come together and share ideas and best practices.

I hope you can join the next time: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams


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Sounds like it was a great session. Thanks for the summary