Adoption Learning/Sharing Group for MS Customers

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Dear all!

Are you busy fighting for adoption in your company? Do you have a lot of ideas on what you could do to foster/enhance adoption? Are you constantly thinking about what else you could do to bring users closer to a bit of your amazement for technology? Do you feel you should be doing more to help your colleagues understand and use all the awesome features and possibilities your licenses is already paying for?

If you answered yes to any of my questions, then let us connect and talk. I am looking to create a group for Adoption specialists, Champions, TDIs, technology evangelist or how ever we are called working in medium-big organizations that would like to come together to learn from each other and recycle, improve and get new ideas from the sharing of experiences and mistakes. We all have done our mistakes and found our gold, let us share these!

I am a Transformation Manager in an big international company. It is my job to find out how to create bridges between my colleagues(aka users) and the technology we are buying from MS... it sounds simple...


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Hey, this space may already be a great area to have these discussions. Also, check out the community calls

Hi @GMendoza. I find your idea of getting together very valid. How to go about it? :)

I would be interested in joining a virtual user group centered around adoption of Microsoft 365 apps. While the monthly champion calls are useful, those are normally centered around new features or the community spotlight with little room to talk about the basics or ask for ideas on adopting apps or actually running a champions program.
Hi Tyler. Yes, let's do it. :):thumbs_up: Maybe the two of us can start by chatting and take it from there? I would also be interested in this, as stated above.

Hello both of you!



Sorry for the late answer. I was at the Collaboration Summit last week and I kind of got very busy afterwards. 

Yes! let's do this! I totally agree, the calls are just too much and after the summit in Düsseldorf I feel that MS is always making me feel that I need one more new feature so that I can be somewhere better. Adoption does not work like that.

So here is what I propose:
Let us meet digitally and start to work together. 

my email: email address removed for privacy reasons


oops the email Gisella Mendoza working at dbschenker dot com

@GMendoza Yes! Count me in...

Hello! We just had an Adoption Mastermind call with a group that met during the M365 conference! Would you all be interested in joining?



i would love that! that group sounds like it could be a good starting point for having a continuous adoption group that can get together monthly or bi-monthly. 


tborchardt at kwiktrip dot com is my email so don't hesitate to reach out :) 

Yes, I'd like to take part as well. :thumbs_up::)

@GMendoza i would like to join. I recognize many of the words from your thoughts. 

I am, however, between jobs right now. Hoping my next job will allow for even more user adoption craft by this evangelist :)

@jamielwatson Hey, I'd be keen to connect with people as well. How was the conference?

I am interested in being a part of this. I worry about evangelizing features that will end up disappearing in Office, such as Outlook tasks. Tasks are a big part of my Outlook and OneNote classes, and while To do is great, it doesn't have the same features as tasks. I need to blend the old with the new for people. :)

@GMendoza I'm interested as wll in joing an adoption group

sounds good - I'd like to join

@GMendoza: Sounds like a good idea. Certainly a virtual group / chat that adds to what's already here is useful, especially if it focuses on real-world scenarios during the ongoing adoption of products.