Additional Automation in Champions Management Platform

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Hi! I've just been given access to the CMP in our test tenant and I'm loving it so far! I'm wondering though how far we can take automation with the users though.


I currently manage our Champions network with a Team, SharePoint list and Power Automate. I want to migrate my existing champions onto the CMP (fairly easy I envision) but I want to replicate some of the automation I have at the moment to the new list. Can I manage the recruitment and onboarding away from the app? Currently colleagues apply to join, which sends an approval to their line manager, waits then adds them to the list, team and posts a welcome message in our onboarding channel. 


Would the CMP have any issue with me using a flow to update the approval process rather than the 'manage approvals' page?

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I don't know but I am very interested into the answer !!! :)
Is anyone able to advise?

Wish I could help.  @Josh Leporati would this be in your wheelhouse?

@JoshPowerCoop - absolutely! You could leverage existing intake elsewhere, and then create automation to either write that into the list that is looking for member registration on the CMP site or leverage the list from there and apply some automation rules for approval.


It sounds like maybe it's the first scenario - you've got a process already in place for champion submission and approvals. In this scenario, all we would need is to then write those users once processed into the MemberList, where the status is set to approved and the role is Champion (or manager if you have another workflow to make them a manager of the champion program itself. The other required field is the title which = default smtp email address