5pm Pacific Champion's Call is Cancelled


Hello All - Due to my participation in SharePoint Fest Seattle I will not be holding the 5pm Pacific Champions call on August 21st.  We will have the AM call and post the content for everyone.  Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there! 


The content from this morning's call is now posted.  You can find it on our main resource page at  

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@Karuana Gatimu Where can I find the links to join these live calls?  I've looked through this forum and tried this site ( but unable to find the links to join the call.

@David Godlewski yep same question. No clue how to join. 

best response confirmed by Rebecca Jackson (Occasional Contributor)
From her March post: As always our links for the calls are the same: for the 8am PST call

@Tanya Caruana  Yes he is correct.  You can always find all our resources on the main blog post which you can get to here or via  The links to join the calls are the same each month.  


Please note we normally have a 5pm call but won't today.  Thank you

Thanks @Karuana Gatimu. So glad I can still get everything from the AM recording. Have fun at SharePoint Fest.

@Karuana Gatimu The link resolves to homepage.