30 Day Challenge for Skype for Business

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We are about to embark on rolling out Skype for Business to one of our clients. To make the change journey more real and practical, I want to introduce a 30 Day Challenge. The purpose of this is to get the end user base to complete an action every day for 30 days. The action will be communicated by the project team. The purpose of this is to get them using SFB, but more importantly encourage them to explore features that may not be aware of. It adds a bit of fun to the business change journey too.


1. Has anyone done something similar to this before?

2. Do you have a list of actions you have got your users to action? I have a list, but keen to see what others have done.



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I don't know if you've started your challenge yet but we did something similar a few years ago before we rolled Lync PSTN conferencing out to our organization. During the pilot we sent users a short list of activities to try and to mark 1. yes, this worked, 2. this worked but I had trouble with... or 3. this didn't work for me at all-I need help. Each week for about 6 weeks the activities got more challenging. It was a great way to get people to try things and report back to us if they had issues or needed additional training. I don't have the specific list but it sounds like a great idea. I would keep it very simple and have a mechanism to capture user experience. I'd also consider sharing the stories to the rest of your organization.
I find it a very interesting approach to getting your people to try features that they otherwise wouldn't be aware of. Do let us know how you've fared, Nilay. I'm working myself on developing a methodology for the aim of getting people to make the behaviors stick and become habits. So I am in the process of documenting small behaviors that are actionnable for the user (as well as tied to an established habit). I have covered OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint, but not yet SfB. Are you in particular looking for SfB behaviors or for other Office 365 services too? /Magnus