The Office 365 Teamwork Champion’s community is Open!

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What do Champions have in common?

You’re the Go-To person in your organization for Office 365, among other things. Curious by nature and ready to help, you’re motivated by learning new things and ready to lead. You believe that technology can transform the way people work 


We’re here to connect you with other Champions that share your passion for working better together! You’ll meet like-minded passionate thought leaders—so you can share and learn from each other. If you are finding this page from our main Driving Adoption blog you can join the program at   


The Office 365 Champion Program will bring you the latest updates and Microsoft insider views. You’ll get exclusive access to Microsoft product experts, and pre-release tools and resources you can use to be a Champion with your peers at work. 


What you’ll get: 

  • The latest in community topics, latest news, tips, and resources, including a monthly email recap. (Please note that at this time, all program communications will be in English)  
  • Ongoing peer networking and sharing with other Champions, in forums such as community calls, and invitations to connect and share in online meetups.  
  • Microsoft partnerships and participation at premier events and industry meetups. 
  • Access to Microsoft SMEs and unique Office 365 training and content. 

Looking ahead 

We hope you join our community and look forward to getting to know you better! We will highlight a variety of products here as we prepare to launch new resources.  For now, here are some existing Microsoft Teams resources to check out: 


  • Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. If you’re anxious about this, you’re not alone. Here’s guidance for how to get started on your Microsoft Teams journey. Learn how technical and organizational readiness will help align Microsoft Teams to your business objectives. It takes a solid foundation, preparation, and an optimized environment.   
  • Driving adoption. If you’re wondering how to effectively move the needle on adoption, check out this overview page that can help you make the most of Microsoft Teams.  We will be enhancing this with additional materials and you will hear about those new tools in our upcoming community calls. 
  • Security and compliance. You want the brass tacks of security and compliance in Microsoft Teams. Our overview describes important functions like auditing and reporting, eDiscovery options, and retention policies. 
  • Not a lot of time? We’ve got short, snackable videos in our Coffee in the Cloud YouTube channel. They highlight new features, tips and tricks, and provide up to date usage guidance and best practices. 
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@Karuana GatimuThis is a great initiative! I have been waiting for this concept for so long. Looking forward to some great conversations in the Champions Community.


@Karuana Gatimu.This is definitely a great initiative. But can we developers also join this program, as on program page it says "For Office 365 Business users in the know". Please advise.


@Danish Islam - Yes you can!  We are open to anyone looking to drive adoption of their service or experience.  Our adoption best practices will apply to any custom solution or line of business app as well as O365 services.  We welcome everyone! Please give us feedback as you join the community calls on content that will be most valuable to you. 

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Such amazing idea! Joined !!

Occasional Contributor

It's great to connect with others who are driving adoption of Office 365 at their workplace! Thanks!


Hey Karuana, that'as indeed a great idea!

The only thing I'd like to know is why Germany isn't in the list of countries?

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Hey @Karuana Gatimu, when I saw you at SPTechCon, you mentioned that there was a Champions call on 9/19.  Is that still on for tomorrow, and if so, what time?  Also, is there a calendar for future events so I can calendar them to block the time off on my schedule?




Cori Newlander, Technology Training Coordinator

City of Santa Monica

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Looking forward to connecting with other colleagues who share my passion of driving user adoption. Thanks for setting this up.


Anyone know where I can purchase Microsoft Teams t-shirts (or other similar swag)? Don't need a large volume (probably 25 or so) - thought there was a Microsoft swag store somewhere, but I can't find it. Thanks!

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@Christine Green - Here's the "swag site" I know of for Microsoft materials. Seems like they have reasonable options for any size of order. Hope this helps!
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Thank you @Karuana Gatimu for this opportunity to talk to others like me and help my organisation to adopt TEAM and Office 365 better! I just passed the  Microsoft Adoption Specialist exam and I really enjoyed it. I will talk to my team and help them to pass it also.


Keep up the good work.


Friendly regards,

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