The March 1st Weekly Roundup is Posted!

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Hello my Friends... Spring is here in Seattle and are looking forward to our Champion's calls today at 8am and 5pm PST.  As always our links for the calls are the same: for the 8am PST call for the 5pm PST call


This month we'll be discussing the new Training for Office 365 including the Custom Learning site template which was just published.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Hi there @Karuana Gatimu 


Is there somewhere I can sign up for notifications about these meetings, and have them scheduled in my diary without having to check the Champions Corner each month? 


Thanks, Tristram

(P.S. I am in Brisbane, Australia, so may have to watch replays, but it would be good to have reminder in my calendar!)

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Hi  @Tristram, there is a blog post with the dates of the upcoming meetings:  


There is a new feature on the page to subscribe to the upcoming events, thanks @Karuana Gatimu !



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@Karuana Gatimu 

Karuana - do we need to have all Modern SP sites in order to use the Custom Learning site template? I thought it was only if you were installing the website and you're installing the whole site you can be in Classic. 


Has anyone installed it yet? 





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@karenwI tried to install it, but it failed the first time, i tried again and it worked. It is a Modern site.  The instructions state " Help your organization get more from Microsoft services by implementing Custom Learning for Office 365. This digital, customizable, learning solution streams on-demand content for Office 365 services to your end users. The convenient playlist format allows employees to improve their skills on their timetable and at their pace. The modern SharePoint Online site also allows you to add your own content to create a complete modern training portal."

More details are at

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@Dean Gross Thanks Dean.  I got the site installed and it worked fine in our environment.  My question was regarding classic vs modern sites - our SharePoint intranet is created in classic and a couple of people had told me we couldn't install the Custom Learning site unless we converted to modern, which isn't the case. Right now I'm customizing it and just about ready to launch!

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@karenwglad I could help.


FYI, you can mix and match classic and modern sites in a Tenant. In fact, you can create modern pages in a site that was originally created with  classic team site template. Be careful when someone tells you that something can't be done. With the rapid pace of change, things that could not be done last year may very well be doable now.

If you need a second opinion, and you will, just post your questions in the appropriate group in this network and someone will usually answer

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Watching the May meeting now on the same link and building yesterdays O365 Update

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Hi @Karuana Gatimu This Champions page does not seem to be very regularly active-is there a more active page I can direct my Champions to so that they can keep up to date with the Champions calls and other new resources being posted?

Thanks, Louise

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@LouisewardCan answer half the question the last call before the Summer break is 19th June

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@Luna JernbergThanks so much. I had that

date but as the last post here was in March I wondered if it had moved to a different platform?

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After registering on the Champions Program, a link to join a LinkedIn group for Champions is displayed. Upon clicking that link, it takes user to an error page. How can a Champion join this LinkedIn group? Can you please share a direct link to this LinkedIn group?
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@Neo007I'm not sure about that group but this link is to a Microsoft Teams News & Learning Group which posts quite regularly.  

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That would be great for me too as I have just joined and missed the Linkedin link :(


@Phill Ruffell @Neo007 @Louiseward Hello All.. Our LinkedIn group has been depricated in favor of our Driving Adoption community right here.  If you visit the master reference page at you will see a list of upcoming events, prior event contents and a calendar you can subscribe to for our calls.   If you have any questions feel free to post them in the community. We're happy to help.  Our next call will be on July 24th. 

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@Karuana GatimuThanks for that update; I follow that page for informationso thanks for the status confirmation.

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@Karuana Gatimu  Apologies i am extremely late to the party, is there a recording of this event? 

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