Zoom level on multiple windows

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I am MS Edge user and require about 3 monitors with multiple windows up. There are some windows that require a bigger zoom level for example 145%, and other windows where a zoom level of 105% is needed, however, when one window has its zoom level changed, all the other windows change to that % as well when I click a button within the unchanged window. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it possible for specific windows to change zoom levels without affecting the others? Or could this be in relation to the applications that I am using accessed by MS Edge?

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I've tested apps now. They do keep unique zoom settings. To watch windows as apps it is only viable option here as I think. The other way is to have as many browser instances (aka profiles) as you need those separately zoomed windows.

Check whether Opera can do what you need.

On the other hand, such issues precisely define usability of web browser. Why all, yes all, developers of web browsers do not want to polish their IT goods? Everywhere in all browsers' forums you can suggest and request the tiny and highly logical improvements, but without results. The attitude not polishing products based on Chromium, is like a scourge! Every IT House waits what Chromium will deliver and what they will have to tinker with to make new Chromium release a little more usable. And it's worse, every new Chromium brings more **bloop** to deal with.