Youtube video bug( and so do leagacy)

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Hello insiders!

You guys may notice bugs using google services. Here is one.

This video tears. (I've tested in Guest browsers too)   0:16

Please look at his hair

Annotation 2020-03-10 195422_LI.jpg

This bug only exist in Edge legacy which made me stop using edge.

this happens only in edge.

other browsers doesn't.


Please take this bug seriously. Anyone having this bug, please feedback to microsoft.....


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download the new Edge browser from here:

the old and legacy Edge is discontinued and no longer updated.

@TrueGame Yes, as @HotCakeX mentioned, we'd love for you to give the new version of Microsoft Edge a try; the code is completely rebuilt and it performs even better. If you're still encountering this bug on Youtube on that, will you please let us know?


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No, what i meant was there is video tearing ONLY in The new edge canary and dev version. And it is noticeable.

I am using the latest version. FHD dual monitor

So i've tried other two computers and found the same bug.



The new edge  canary dev, and LegacyThe new edge canary dev, and Legacy this video has the same bug too

If you turn off hardware acceleration from here: edge://settings/system
do you still see video tearing?

also what is your GPU? try going to its settings or control panel and turn on V-sync.

@TrueGame Thanks for the confirmation. In that case--if you're comfortable with it--can you please submit detailed feedback, those screenshots, and diagnostic data through the new browser?


And @HotCakeX brings up a great point; there is a known issue with the hardware accelerator, so it would be good to know if that changes anything!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge