YouTube unique issue with context windows/menu - Developer edition

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I have this unique issue that I cannot seem to diagnose or to solve.

This problem is only on my Desktop PC (not on my Surface Pro 8 or 3).

It also does not effect my Microsoft Edge edition that comes with Windows 11.

I have even logged out of the Developer edition, reset it, checked and when confirming no fix happened even uninstalled and restarted by PC and installed a new instance of Edge Developer still with the same issue.

Through my attempts at fixing the issue I find it is only with my Desktop PC Developer Edition.


Now to the issue. On YouTube I find if I click on the 'Share' button instead of the window with the share options displayed I notice a slight shading over the whole window and nothing else. 

If I click on the meatball menu ( ... ) under a clip to 'Save' the clip in my Library playlist the initial context menu displays but the Save Window does not and the same thing happens with the whole browser window is slightly shaded only.


I'm at a loss to find a solution to this issue and I have a background in IT so I'm not completely oblivious to solving issues with Windows or apps. But this one has me beat. If anyone can steer me into solving this I would appreciate it.



(I've included screenclips of before clicks and after clicks showing the result and the shading over the browser window).

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Make sure file a bug report using the feedback option in Microsoft Edge and it would be good idea if you record the problem and send it.
Are you facing the same issue in the stable build of Microsoft Edge too.
Hi Reza
The stable build of Edge is fine on the same Desktop.
The developer edition (the same build) is fine on my Surface Pro 8 that's synchronized with my other devices. The only thing I haven't done is turn off syncing on every device then strip every extension fully clear cache and uninstall the developer edition again and strip the remnants of it from the system.
I've gone through settings within Edge to see if there is anything that remotely could be attributed to preventing these menu's from working within YouTube. I've even tried the menus while NOT logged in to Edge or logged into YouTube yet this tends to rule out profile or YouTube settings in my mind.

So I will try to remove all extensions and do a full scan of the system (both for errors and bugs), and see if anything changes.
Thank you for the update and make sure report this issue using the feedback option in Microsoft Edge.
This evening I decided to completely reset Edge Developer and even deleted the default folder from the localappdata folder. Even after all that the problem occurs. So I created a bug report (feedback report and had the Official build edge in the background and Developer Edge in the foreground highlighting the problem while recording the screen.

Here's hoping they can resolve the issue. It's probably so simple but I haven't found the solution no matter what I do.
Great, in case you shared your email in the feedback form, the Microsoft Edge team might contact you or it could be fix in the future releases and updates.