Youtube Left and Right arrows does not work anymore on Video clip

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Hi. I updated today to Microsoft Edge Canary Version And I noticed that left and right arrow "backward/forward 5 seconds." on youtube clip does not work anymore on this build version. It worked before for me on the older version but not now.

When I press Left or Right arrow it just mark my adress Bar.



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@Primestar  This is just not a problem in youtube . it is happening every where. using right and left keys moving focus to address bar. Even when i am typing this message in Rich Text section when i try to move cursor left and right using left and right keys, focus is moving to address bar. it looks like up and down keys are working as expected.

@Deleted that strange that upp and down arrow works well and not Right and Left Arrow. Well we hope they will fix this issue. Because it work well on Google Chome. So we  just sit and wait until they fix it.

Left and Right Button works now on youtube Video tnx you Microsoft :)

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It's been fixed in

those buttons used to work yet they don't anymore, why??

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