YouTube is Broken [Getting Served a very old version of the Site]


I'm getting this really old ugly UI.


2019-05-28 (3).png


Going to tells me that my browser is not supported.

2019-05-28 (4).png






For a workaround follow this guide I found and switch the user agent to Chrome - Windows and reload the page.


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@KoshyG this is occurring with me too

Same here. Dev and Canary

Youtube Music also shows a message now 'Sorry, YouTube Music is not optimized for your browser. Check for updates or try Google Chrome.' 

Same here - hopefully this is just a bug and not an actual block imposed by Google...

@KoshyG thanks for reporting this. It's a bug in Google's browser detection logic. We've chatted with them about it, and they said it should be fixed very quickly.



@Brownie71 YouTube Gaming does the same, but it just says the following.

Your browser isn't supported :(

YouTube Gaming requires a browser which supports modern web standards.

The issue is now fixed.

I like the old YouTube. The new YouTube built with Polymer is even slow on Chrome. It also has a bug with touch that I reported ages ago. Tapping and holding on a video doesn't open the menu and instead plays the video. Just try comparing loading times between the two.

In addition, the new YouTube doesn't have full feature parity with the old one. It's the same with YT Studio. It'll often fallback to the old one.

I love YouTube's dark theme though >.<
It is a beta after all...
YouTube's Polymer site is NOT a beta site anymore. If you're talking about Edge, what relevance does that have here? YouTube was either whitelisting or blacklisting against Edge. That's not following standards.