You lost the “Tab Hover Card Images” feature during development.

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In Chromium Edge 79, you've lost the important Tab Hover Card Images feature, which exists in the non-Chromium Edge released with win10, the ability to preview tab thumbnails. But you lost the feature in the Chromium Edge. Chrome 79 can be turned on (see attachment for details my screenshot), and in fact, it's open edgy in Chrome Canary (Ver.75). So I strongly hope that the "Tab Hover Card Images" will be restored in the next release, thank you!
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Hopefully we will get this feature in stable build...

Like This.


@SayanBhar wrote:
Hopefully we will get this feature in stable build...

I had hoped for the same but unfortunately it's been a while since the stable version 79 is feature locked.

Tab preview is very useful, I also don't understand why it's missing from the Edge insider.
I'm on latest canary Version 81.0.378.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) and it's still not available.

Really? That's very bad. I want to update to the canary version to see if the project is exist in the experimental feature, and now, :(

Yeah..I always keep an eye on the new flags added after each version in case one of those useful features from Edge classic shows up..

@SuMuli Thanks for letting us know that this is something you'd like to see in Edge chromium too. This feature is currently listed as "under review," which you can track in our Top Feedback posts. (Here's the most recent one.) 


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well it still doesn't show the full title

@Deleted Can you provide the address of Top Feedback posts, i can't find the page. In addition, this feature appears in Chrome Canary (Ver.75), why is MSFT now reviewing?:sad:

You may not have the “Tab Hover Cards” feature turned on, which needs to be turned on first before you can use the subsequent “Tab Hover Card Images” feature.
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@SuMuli Sure thing, the URL is: and the title is "Top Feedback Summary for December 17." And this seems to be the item related to your request:

Under Review

Bring the tab preview feature from the current version of Microsoft Edge

17 weeks


Hopefully that helps!


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