XBOX One Warzone GOLDFLAKE crash

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I Open Call of Duty Warzone, it syncs and I get to the home page where you see all the games available. I choose to play warzone (because its free) as I get into the main screen where I'm allowed to choose if I want to play on the new map or plunder, the game crashes and takes me back to the new loading screen. After it loads awhile the status GOLDFLAKE will pop up. I've done everything including fully reinstalling the game and clearing the cache. I've been on YouTube where I found a video that was posted yesterday and its exactly what I'm experiencing. On the comment section I noticed that people have bought the Gold XBOX pass to allow them to play the game. As I know Warzone should be free and I dont want to purchase the GOLD Xbox pass just to play the game. Please can anyone help me
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I and the community demand the fastest resolution of this misunderstanding on the part of xbox and we weigh your actions (not legitimate)? You had enough time for internal resentment

can you tell me what graphics card and ram you have pls? and i also ia have been using this cx-9 loudout if you wanna check it out and let me know how it is ? as im sure you know about it.