Wrong German translation in new find on page filters

Steel Contributor

This is just a minor bug, nevertheless I want to mention it because it's confusing for German users. 


  1. The new filter option "Match case", which can be enabled via edge://flags/#edge-find-on-page-filters is translated as "Fallübereinstimmung", which in German means the congruence of grammatical cases (like accusative, genitive, dative), not upper/lower case. The correct translation would be "Groß-/Kleinschreibung beachten". 
  2. The translation for "Match diacritics" as "Diakritische Zeichen anpassen" is grammatically correct, but no one here knows what diacritics are. It's more common to refer to it as "Akzente anpassen".

I'd be pleased if someone could fix this, thanks :)

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