Wrong account names while replying

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Today as I was browsing through the community, I saw that on a post I had replied, the name that was there was wrong.

You will be able to understand better with this picture- 


Sorry I had to use the names. If anyone has problems, just tell me and I will edit the post.




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Hi there, these types of posts are not related to Microsoft Edge and are related to the Microsoft Tech Community, so these types of posts should be posted in the Community Lounge which can be accessed from the Navigation bar.


From my experience, I am seeing this issue since January from when I am a member and it is still not yet resolved, but I found a conversation about this issue in the Community Lounge where a Community Manager had responded.


Ok thanks @TheShaunSaw .



Yeah, I reported the same type of problem over "here"  back in April.  Been happening to lots of folks, but I've never seen a response for anyone reporting it....