Would love to see type-ahead-find native out of the box from Edge!

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Would love to be able to start typing and Edge automatically starts find on page (without user needing to hit Ctrl-F or Command-F first).


Or at least would like to know why it's not a thing:

* Is it hard to implement?

* Is there some UI/UX rule or law that type ahead find is not a good thing?


In the meantime we have this extension:



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@Alex Nguyen 


That is an interesting suggestion.  I can relay that to the product team.



I second that. I recently moved to Edge after 17 years of using Firefox, and that's one of the few features that I missed. Thanks for the extension!
I've been using Firefox too but I don't find it very useful.
because I don't want search on page to be initiated everytime I press any key on the keyboard.

@HotCakeX within Firefox it's an option. You don't have to activate it if you don't want to use it