Windows Alarms & Clock keeps bugging me to "Let this app access your info"

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For the past several days, since the recent auto-update of the Windows Alarms & Clock applet (v11.2210.7.0) , every time I launch the applet or wake up my PCs (Windows 10 and 11), I get a dialog asking me to "Let this app access your info? ... Windows Alarms needs your permission to: Read your profile; Create, read, update and delete your tasks and plans." I do NOT want this, I just want a simple Clock, so I click "No". But the next time I relaunch Windows Alarms or wake up my PC, this dialog comes up again. I've disabled all the Focus settings, but it hasn't helped. This behavior is really annoying! How can I disable it?

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I've started to get the same nag dialog. Also, even if I consent, it just leads to an error screen.

I want to know why the clock needs to access my Microsoft profile all the sudden.  Until recently it didn't need this access.@twolocs 

I'm getting this now and it's ANNOYING. Someone please let me know if a fix comes known.
It also says that the app doesn't have a TOS, so it leaves me a bit skeptical of what they're doing.
They need to FIRE the developer that connected this app to WWAHOST.exe ... STOP THE SPAM...
Same. It began with an upate sometime in Dec. 2022 or Jan. 2023 (I forget).

I keep answering no, followed by an error message. I doubled checked the privacy and app settings.

@Doji_Hideaki I went ahead a replied yes and everything works fine. I'm guessing Microsoft is adding some networking features or similar that requires new permissions.

@RussellJolly Hello,


I have a hard time accepting that a question must be replied one way only. 
And it is technically a bug, followed by an error message.

I do not use the new tasks options, which is the reason for asking access to our profile, etc.


That said, I found I can just click the X at the top of the pop-up to quickly bypass...

The clock/alarm app has been terrible ever since it first started.
It's staggering that it hasn't improved in all this time - but in fact has only got worse. Do they get their developers straight out of kindergarden?!