Windows 11 Update Messed up Mouse Settings

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A recent update from windows 10 to windows 11 threw my laptop out of whack in a few different ways, but I'm going to centralize one issue which is still recurring. Note: The particular laptop I'm discussing is more often used offline than off. Following the update, my mouse essentially clicks itself. I'll be inadvertently be hovering over an icon and it will automatically open. Or, if an application is open but behind another window, it will open when hovered over. This is working this way with the mousepad and an external mouse. Furthermore, if I have a photo open then it will zoom in, zoom out and so forth on its own.


The update messed with my files (essentially, it took them off my computer and put them all on onedrive -- which I don't want it to do). The update also replaced Paint to Paint 3D which, although may be newer, is an extreme downgrade. I would rather have the original Paint program.


The same thing happened with my other laptop last year. Though some of the issues were different, the update from 10 to 11 slowed down the system drastically. Windows 11 is just clearly substandard to Windows 11.


I need a revision update or direct solution to fix the mouse issue. I use this laptop for work purposes and these occurrences are unacceptable.

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Windows 11 has Paint preinstalled not Paint 3D as Paint 3D is no more being updated.

@Deleted I'm aware of that. That's not the question I had inquired about though.

My desktop pc my mouse settings got messed up had to power down reset bios by opening the unit and removing the battery from the motherboard for 60 seconds  It worked for me and found it was the fastest way to fix rather than uninstalling drivers and updating again only do this if you know what your doing  @Bannock8