Windows 10's Timeline Doesn't Work with Microsoft Edge Insider

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On a computer running Windows 10, clicking a link by using Timeline doesn't seem to open Microsoft Edge Insider.

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@Deleted I have the same problem on (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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It's because the History syncing is not implemented into the Edge insider yet. it will be implemented soon. the Timeline and web History work together and they need both to be working for the Windows 10 timeline to work properly.


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meanwhile you can use an extension like this (offered by Microsoft themselves) to sync history with Windows 10 timeline. Don't use other extensions, they might be malicious and steal/upload Your sensitive web history and other data to 3rd party servers.


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Dave & Micheal,

It will work by adding this extension

 It will, also, work without adding anything one/when Edge C non-beta is released.


@HotCakeX Good point about History, and thank you for the Chrome extension.


My pleasure, Dave.  You're welcome.