Window titles and working with multiple profiles

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When using Edge (I use it on Mac), and switching windows, the window list either needs to have each window prepended by the profile name and use any profile color scheme information, or at the very least, group windows by profile - The actual title of the page is not always enough to know which profile that window is active on. 


Related, there are some URLs and domains that I always want to open in a particular profile... Such as individual sharepoint sites or links. It should be relatively easy to direct clicked links in other applications to the correct profile rather than whichever window happened to be the last one at the surface. I always want to open Zoom and company Sharepoint/OD links in my main work profile. Sharepoint links and websites belonging to clients should open in that profile, and so on. 

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When you say "window list", do you mean the list of windows shown in Edge's "Window" menu?

Is the "Name Window..." command helpful in that same menu helpful? I agree with you, having the profile name prepended would be best, but for me manually naming the window suffices. (I don't really care to have the webpage title as part of the window name; I usually just ignore that part.)