Will the mobile version get a similar interface and features?

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Hi. Will the mobile version of Edge get a redesign and block trackers too?

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I personally really like the interface of Edge mobile, specially the navigation bar that is at the bottom and makes one-hand usage easier on today's huge smartphones.

Edge Android also has adblock plus extension built in but i don't think it's as effective as tracking prevention in Edge desktop, i hope they remove it and add Microsoft's new tracking prevention instead.

Alright. Thanks for your answer. Yes it looks quite alright. I know it's an unpopular opinion but some rounded corners like the one on PC would be a nice addition. Also the new icon of course, I like it.

Yeah I'm also a fan of rounded smooth elements in the UI
I think they shouldn't remove the adblock addon just make optional. Of course tracking protection would be great on mobile.
But ad block plus receives money from ad companies to let their ads come through.

they need to replace it with a Real ad blocker extension, ublock origin

@HotCakeX You can block ads on those sites too in its setting. But I agreed that uBlock origin is an advanced and faster blocker.



Yeah but it's barely working, doesn't block anything. it's also in the desktop version


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For me the most annoying ads are YouTube ads, ublock origin takes care of them, also on Android i use YouTube Vanced, a modded version of YouTube app that has no ads at all



I don't want to wait for browser to decide whether an ad is intrusive/mislead or not, i want them all gone, so does lots of people