Will the Edge support the new Nearby Share from Google?


Recently the Google released, in a beta version, the Nearby Share, to share files between Androids. Some leakeds also say the Google is testing the Nearby Share for Chrome and it will allow transfer files between Chrome for PC and Android, what's very useful!


The Microsoft has a similar feature on "Your Phone" app, but it's terrible because it needs uses the Phone Screen (that's exclusive for some phones), it exiges open a lot of options and it isn't easy.


I really hope see the Microsoft's version about that using some the feature enhanced on "Your Phone", but if won't arrive, I'd like to see the Nearby Share, so: will the Microsoft received some of that ones?

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I too have the same question on nearby feature and same opinion regarding Your Phone.

Better if it is supported system wide in Windows 10, not just Edge.