Will Edge on iOS support physical security keys such as yubikey?

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The clue is in the title :). How can I find out if Yubikey support is on the roadmap for the iOS version of Edge?

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You should contact Yubikey to know if Microsoft Edge iOS support is on their roadmap through their contacting ways.



I thought it’s up to the browser or app to support physical security keys. iOS gained support for them a few months ago  and safari supports them

I have the same question. When I try to log in to office.com using Edge for iOS (v102.1245.39) and select "Use Windows Hello or a security key" it just stalls with the 'loading' dots scrolling across the top of the page. If I choose either "Use a verification code" or "Text" the site jumps to the next page.

Does Microsoft Edge for iOS support security keys? 


EDIT: Never mind - this seems to be an issue with office.com as Safari is reacting the same way.