Will Edge for Android get extensions support? Is it in the roadmap?

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@MissyQ Please answer this question.

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Hello, i agree with you, it could be THE feature of edge android, the feature which can make the difference with chrome or firefox ! But extensions are currently developed by developers only for edge desktop, so i think that developers first have to create mobile extensions... it could be very long...
While in the development phase Microsoft could just give the option to developers to compile their extension for mobile also. This way the same code base and other things will be optimised for mobile browser and could be made to fit the mobile screen. This could eliminate the need to write and maintain separate code for desktop and mobile extensions.
I very much agree that extensions on mobile would make a big difference for me in terms of fully switching over to Edge. I use it on my PC far more than Chrome, but as Chrome is not a removable app on my phone, I'd need something significantly useful in another browser app to make me feel like it was worth space on the device I could be using for music or games. Extensions would go a long way towards selling me on a different mobile browser, assuming there were a significant number available. I'd especially love to have the Office extension to add, as at that point, the extra browser app would actually be a net gain for me in storage, as I wouldn't need to have Office installed on my phone.

@K_K_VinayKumar i can comfirm this is possible, kiwi browser already does it

@thepromaper Firefox Mobile has extensions now too

@thepromaper This currently has the largest number of votes on the new Edge feedback portal. I look forward to finding out if this is planned.

I would love to see this happen. I currently use Kiwi Browser because it is the only browser on Android that can do both Chrome Extensions and format a webpage properly (FireFox is zoomed in way too much). If Microsoft would add support for Extensions, I would switch in a heartbeat. I would love to see this on my Tab S8 Ultra.