Will Edge Chromium have a Virtual Assistant built-in &/re-introduce cool Edge Legacy features

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Will Edge Chromium re-introduce the Ink Support, Web Notes, and sharing function from Edge Legacy. Alongside a Cortana (Clippy Remastered?) like assistant for Edge which would make Edge even more unique to other Chromium browsers as no other browser currently features an integrated Virtual Assistant.(I mean Cortana/Clippy as in something competing with Siri/Google Assistant)(It could be Cortana every day of the year except on the day the Blibbet was first shown it becomes a blibbet, and on Win XP day it becomes Clippy - So it returns famous old characters without dedicating to it- or could add Easter-Egg Where it turns into Blibbet or Clippy)

(Please forgive my Extensive use of brackets-they're showing stuff that could be used to make add some bells and whistles to the integrated Cortana I dreamt up(would still be cool to have Virtual Assistant built-in to Edge))

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The features you are talking about are in discussion and you can also join them by clicking the following links:

You can always know the status of the features in Microsoft Edge by checking the top feedback summary which is updated every week when the dev channel is updated which you can see very easily as it is pinned to the top of the community.


I don't know about what you want in the sharing feature but you can join a call where you can share your thoughts about sharing web content. More information is here.