Will Edge be keeping the http and www in the address bar?

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Chrome has apparently just removed that feature.




I personally don't see any good reason why they should be hidden and would rather keep those displayed. 


I know that Edge isn't technically Chrome/Chromium, but it is technically downstream of that project now, and a lot of what's being done upstream is... disturbing to me.


I don't know if there's talk about adopting or embracing this change yet, but if there is, I just wanted to put my two cents in and say I like the address bar the way it is now.


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A while back we did test this feature out on Canary, and it was a mixed bag of feedback on it.


I feel like if we ever did adopt something this we would have an option to allow you to change it back in forth how you would like.


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Another vote for making it optional in that case. It helps troubbleshooting a lot to be able to see what protocol is being used

I'm one of those who prefer have the full address in the bar. Even if the "https" is not a "absolute" proof of security.