Wierd behaviour in the top bar in Microsoft Edge Android

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There is weird behaviour at the four corners of the address bar where they turn grey for some reason when the top bar hides as we scroll down or reveal it when we scroll up in both, dark and light mode as shown in the attached video. Also, the whole of the top bar turns grey when we try hide or reveal it in the dark mode which also shown in the video.

Feedback also sent through in-app feedback feature on Microsoft Edge Android.
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Yeah I've noticed this too. Do you remember how the address bar used to be rectangular? When they turned it round a few months ago, they didn't actually turn it round - they just slapped a round cut-out on top of it so noone would notice, which is where this weird visual artifact comes from. The team was quite literally cutting corners here lol

Another issue that can be seen in this video is how in dark mode, the color of the Android status bar doesn't match the color of the Edge top bar - which looks cheap imo, just as the Android navigation bar doesn't match the Edge bottom bar in neither light nor dark mode