Why Use Edge After Such Poor Result and Experience?

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I have used Microsoft Products for a long time and I am pissed with my latest experience with Edge.  I ungraded my motherboard almost 4 weeks ago.  The upgrade to the new motherboard didn't go well, and I actually had to exchange it for a new one in attempt to fix the problem.  Videos stuttered and buffers lagged, and downloads were slow; but the speed tests showed outstanding internet speed.  I have spent much of the last 4 weeks reading a lot of web pages (including Microsoft's own pages) and trying all sorts of things (even troubleshooters) to fix problem.  I loaded and reloaded a lot of drivers, plus I did a complete clean install of Windows.  I made calls to the motherboard manufacturer and also to Microsoft (what a pain).  Nothing worked until I downloaded "FireFox", then the problem disappeared.  So how do I ask Microsoft why they spend so much time on "arranging deck chairs" with new features when they can't make their current products maintainable, fixable, and reliable?  Now I'm going to be pestered to make Edge my default browser when it can't even do the job.  Whose listening?

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I'm facing the same problem and trying to be loyal, let's see how they handle it
Try deleting what is in the Address Bar, at the top of the Edge window, then type edge://settings/system then press ENTER. Then turn "Use hardware acceleration when available" to OFF, then restart your PC. If videos then playback smoothly, the issue will likely be with your graphic drivers. Also, the "Turn on efficiency mode when" setting will make videos deliberately choppy when your device is running on battery-power to make it last longer. You don't get much gain from this, in my experience, so set it to "Never" in the dropdown (this obviously doesn't apply on desktop PCs, or devices that have no battery but are mains-only)