Why Should We Move from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is great browser, I really love its security and privacy feature and commitment of Microsoft Edge team on hearing feedbacks and interaction with community to make Microsoft Edge even better browser. 

So let say, you are talking with someone who is using Google Chrome and we want to ask him/her to consider switching to Microsoft Edge, please share top reasons why they should move to Microsoft Edge?


I though it would be interesting topic to discuss.

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Good question!

I would keep it simple. I would say "It's just like Chrome, but they are more responsible with personal data"

Like you said, security and privacy @Reza_Ameri-Archived . I do not want to give Google access to my browsing habits and let them build a profile on me. I do not trust them. I am aware that Microsoft collects some of that same information as well, they are a business that needs to make money after all, but I trust them to handle that information in a responsible way. I have been using Microsoft since MSDOS1.0 and even used Windows1.0 and have rarely been disappointed by them.


If I would ask my friends to switch from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, I would tell the following points:

  1. Microsoft Edge has many great features which other browsers don't have like collections, vertical tabs, inking on web pages, Microsoft Family features etc.
  2. Microsoft Edge gives more privacy than Chrome, Google Chrome uses its user's data to give a personalised advertisement for its revenue which would also make a person's privacy come into danger while on the contrary, Microsoft has options for tracking prevention which a user can decide and the browser can also send 'do not track' requests to websites which makes users personal data more secure and Microsoft is a secure option for storing personal data.
  3. Microsoft Edge uses less ram than Google Chrome.
  4. Microsoft Edge is faster than Google Chrome.
  5. It will be easy to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge as a user can import browsing data from Chrome on the first run of edge or whenever the user wants and the UI/UX of Edge is mostly similar to Google Chrome so it will be easier to migrate and get more features, security and stability than what Google Chrome gives.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived It's great to see the love for MSFT Edge! I'd add my opinion too, but I might be biased. :p


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@Deleted I'd like to hear your opinion :) I find edge safer and faster than chrome google. Only. I'd like to see a few features. It is to receive notifications when the browser closed the ability to open the file without saving it and even less memory consumption.

@Deleted Well I'm using it since very first build, and haven't gone not even a single time back to chrome. What I like the most tbh is edge's team, they hear (they really do) and interact with users, That's the most important thing . This browser feels light and have other good features too.

Now, @Deleted , what I'm most interested in is to hear your answer to the original post. Let's see what you have up into your sleeves.... :p:smirking_face::smirking_face:

Thank you all for follow up in this discussion and sharing your opinion. Install Website as an App is really great, someone told me , everyday I will visit a website for checking stocks and market , I wish there was app for it and I show him how easy could create website like an app.

Protecting against Potential Unwanted Programs is also great feature and note that SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Edge is also doing a great job.

We are not using browser to just visit a website, it is about user experience.

I also love the function where we could visit website and login with USB , PIN , Windows Hello in Microsoft Edge (Passwordless login).


I would assume that a profiles, e.g., related to Azure AD premium, store all data in AAD and therefore Microsoft has some obligations to the customer. I would assume that many companies do already have a contract with Microsoft (and not that many with Google (e.g. for Chrome Browser Enterprise Support or G Suite). 

Would be great to have a statement what MS contracts do cover Edge and its privacy topics!

@hussain5416 and @nikitat1260 Haha, it would take me hours to share everything I love about Microsoft Edge, so I'll take the shortcut and share a post from one of my colleagues that encapsulates a lot of my excitements too.


However, I will say that I appreciate that the browser keeps up with me. I am able to maintain quite a large number of open tabs and windows (mostly for engaging with forum posts :smile:) while still seeing great performance.


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