Why is the new tab page locked down?

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Why don't I have control over what page opens in a new tab?  ie. the same as the start url?  or a blank page?  Just got a new surface tablet, and thought I'd go Edge for default browser.  Quickly found the new page is a deal-breaker.  Am I missing something?

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@TCFranks You can choose which page will your Edge open here edge://settings/startHomeNTP

If you are looking to have a different new tab page, then you can check both Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge add-ons store to download a new tab page suit you.

@Metin_Hsnv  so, I have to download something to set a new tab layout, and from that you've not convinced me I have much control over that.  Why can't I just load the same page as the start up page.   Or a blank page?   So, still a deal breaker.