Why is the Download tab moved next to the profile picture?

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Hi, I wonder why is the Download tab moved next to the profile picture? but my secondary device displays normally like Chrome.


And if possible, is there any setting to change it back? I prefer the old one



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It is because your other device upgrade to the latest version of the Microsoft Edge and the other one runs the older version. This is a new design and you couldn't change it and personally I like this feature because it is more visible.
However, you are always welcome to share your feedback and may be share why you like the old one?


... is there any setting to change it back? 



I can't remember where it used to be, but in any case, you can move it away from the toolbar. Click  (Settings and more) > Settings > Appearance and look for Customize toolbar:



Thanks a lot, but I didn't want to get rid of the button, just wanted to know why it moved to here.
The old one is more noticeable when you add something to download, it appears with the big bar and you can see it clearly. The new one is good too, more options and lot of things to do, but when I start to download the file, I don't even know it's downloaded or not. It has no pop-up to tell me when the download starts or finished, only green circle is moving around the icon and then disappears once it's done. Maybe it could has a pop-up like what's Opera did. That's would be perfectly fine for me

I'm sorry, I replied to the comment below, just moved to here now


Hello, in the settings, then download, you can activate the option to display the popup when starting a download!