Why is Microsoft advertising for Google chrome on Bing instead of the new Edge?

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I just searched for top 10 browsers in Bing because I really started to love Bing.

i'm surprised (in a bad way) about the results I got, in Bing!




I don't know in what world Microsoft allowed Google to put that Ad up there!

I mean aren't we already being bombarded by the Propaganda message: "try chrome, it's the best browser" when we do searches in google using non-chromium browsers?

I did that search using Edge insider Version Version 81.0.367.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Instead of that, there should be the message to try the New Edge browser, also some of the latest news that are here 




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@HotCakeXThis one is actually pretty simple and its how the advertising model is set up. Websites only pay for the ad if it is clicked on, but the top spots will go to the highest bidders(more money per click), and sites can choose which searches to advertise on.

This just means that Google put their ad on the search "top 10 browsers" and will pay Bing money every time it is clicked on.

If Bing put their own website above the ad, it would drive advertisers away, and if Microsoft wants to place an ad, they have to pay for it to keep it fair(remember 2001).

Yeah I get it, but for this particular matter, they should realize that this money that they are receiving from Google is not worth it to drive people away from finding the new Edge browser and instead seeing google chrome.

btw what happened in 2001?

@HotCakeX First, what happened in 2001 was a massive anti-trust lawsuit as Microsoft was accused as using an unfair advantage by using their windows dominance to bundle competing products(office, IE, and others) and driving competitors out of business.


Second, its not the money from google, its how much people trust the ad system, and if they see that Microsoft will place their own sites above the ones their paying for, they won't feel its worth the money. Bing is making Microsoft more money per year than YouTube is making google. 

The only way for edge to get a link higher than google is to have Microsoft pay for a an ad and bid more money per click than google so it appears first.

"Bing is making Microsoft more money per year than YouTube is making google."
that is a SERIOUS statement right there! hard to believe... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks, found the article:

Wow they used to call IE "flagship"
now I guess they probably just call it a wooden boat.


Bing ads not only powers Bing, but also yahoo, duckduckgo, and every other search engine that isn't google use bing ads and algorithm. I need to check the numbers again but im pretty sure thats the case.


Yes IE used to be the best, so good that it had a 95% market share, which meant that it could do what chrome is doing today: changing the web standards, and the internet moved and changed with it. It also completely stopped developing it for years because there was no competition.

The result was that when people started going back to the original benchmarks, IE wasn't compatible, so developers had to make each web-page twice, which made them mad and try to move people away. The lack of development also meant that other browsers got better while IE remained the same. What was fast 10 year ago is slow now, and that was true back then, and IE couldn't keep up.

@cjc2112 Found it. https://youtu.be/mviTS_cIWXg?t=98. Interesting video, but only 1:48 to 2:14 is relevant.

Good stuff,
I hope Bing gets more and more intelligent. it will mostly happen by feeding it data to work on and analyze. I think the more people use Bing = the more intelligent Bing gets