Why Immersive reader F9 only work on Edge community?

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F9 immersive mode seems not adapt to other websites

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@GatesLoverDoes this happen in Google Chrome with the extension?


@Kam wrote:
@GatesLoverDoes this happen in Google Chrome?

what does it have anything to do with Chrome!? they can have their own set of shortcuts


@GatesLover wrote:

F9 immersive mode seems not adapt to other websites

Because the F9 shortcut only applies to this button that sometimes appears in the address bar



there are more websites that are designed in a way that the Immersive reader button appears there, like this



so if you don't see the button in the address bar, that means F9 button won't work.

@HotCakeX Why can't we apply it to all websites?

You can apply it to any text if you highlight it, right-click and select "open in immersive reader",

but the Immersive Reader button works only on websites that support the feature.
So can we make F9 available while "open in immersive reader" appears in right-click menu ?
Or just makes F9 the global shortcut which force the browser enter the immersive reader mode? As we cannot set F9 in other extensions and apps to avoid hotkey collision.