Why Edge Stable on Mac has Share but it isn't mentioned anywhere???

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 I don't' understand why you released it to Mac but you never mentioned it in the release notes?? When this was first released it was only on Windows???




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@Deleted I kind of remember something like, "Added Share feature for Mac." Something like that, but I can't remember exactly what.
That's not the share functionality in Windows, it just means that you can copy something and "share" it with anyone, by pasting it somewhere.

not talking about the share flyout that we have on Windows.

plus, you're in copy/paste settings page.
Yes, my bad with the typo and I do hope Mac gets share as well. That would be nice
Yup, it should integrate more with Mac OS and get more Windows only features to there as well. SInce I use it sometimes when my parents need it and sharing is just a good thing. Only Edge has a share button.
Apple would be coordinating on that
Why would Apple want to do that though? Isn't there other apps that uses "services" to make tajt work?
it's their OS, like I said Edge uses Windows share function, Apple needs to provide the same thing for their OS.
Yeah, but Apple does have a share feature. You can see it in photos or thier preview, or screenshot app, there is a share button. It exists.
Good then yeah Edge should be able to use it if possible
Yeah, I just wonder why it isn't implented yet. I can't find any documentaion on it.