Why does EDGE Version 112 do a spinning wheel of death, when you go to print something?

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Dear All,


Why does Version 112 of Edge do a spinning wheel for 30seconds to 2mins before finally showing the Print preview, what is taking EDGE so long to process? With FIREFOX is is almost instant, I have tried different printers and it is a HTML file so it is in the cache.


How do I overcome this? 




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Confirmed on two users in my org as well. I was on 111.0.1661.62 and printing was immediate. As soon as I upgraded to 112.0.1722.39 I also started receiving the spinning wheel of death just trying to print anything from Edge.

@DustinResch I have just encountered this same problem and cannot find any cure for it.It would appear the last upgrade created it.Is there any way it can be resolved?

Hi @DustinResch 

Interesting a few days earlier it was EDGE Beta , is there already a public release?

We've updated you to the latest build. (microsoftedgeinsider.com)

Microsoft Edge release schedule | Microsoft Learn


Version 112.0.1722.39 (Official build) (64-bit)

This is the flavor of Edge we're running on the machines having the issue.  Edge is the supported browser in my org but we've had to switch to another browser to get around this current issue.  

As of right now I've got zero workarounds other than using another browser.  To print this webpage out, it took approximately 18 seconds to go from Print -> Spinning wheel (with Edge not responding in the background) -> to actually seeing the print preview on my first try.  Approximately 15 seconds on the second try.  Doesn't matter if I have 20 tabs open or a handful.  

I'm on Win10 Pro 19045.2788, 22H2


Alt+Shift+I, I ask everyone who has this issue to provide feedback directly to the Edge team (it's important to include diagnostic data so that the Team can develop a fix)

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Yes! 4x users with this in my org. System restore fixes it every time. Awaiting an announcement from MSFT.

I'm currently looking into this issue. I've found there are many users reporting this on Chrome V112 and above 1424368 - printpreview is hanging and is taking long time to load - chromium. This makes me wonder if this issue is upstream. If you don't mind, please test in the latest Chrome stable build and let me know if this issue reproduces there for you too.   

I've switched a few users to the Microsoft PCL Class drivers for a workaround. The HP V3 drivers seems to be a little bit faster, but still annoying.