Why are Edge Updates not automatically downloaded and installed?

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I am a home user on Windows 10. Why do I have to go into Edge settings/Help and Feedback/about Microsoft edge to see if and download an Edge update if available? Why in this time of multiplying cyber threats is Microsoft and Edge not protecting me daily/by the minute?

* How many users even know there are updates available?

* If I do nothing for a week while using Edge daily do updates get installed automatincally? 

* I get updates for windows installed without notification, without warning... Ahhh my laptop is slow I must have a windows update downloading and being installed. 


- Why when I start Windows and Edge do I not get a popup saying updates are waiting to be installed with a link taking me there. It has been 37 years since Windows 1.0 was introduced... Why do I feel it is still up to me to check and safeguard myself / my Windows systems everytime I use them?


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Hello, I assure you that Edge, and Windows are automatically updated!
when you force updates manually it's fine, but often these are optional updates!
Security is provided by Microsoft Defender – Edge updates are currently being supplemented quickly – so don't worry about security.
The easiest way is to attack the user - it is your decisions that are the most dangerous!Best regards