Why are custom search engines not synchronized?


Custom searches in Edge are super handy, but on every new machine I need to manually set them up again. Can these please be added to the list of things that are synched through our MS accounts? I don't understand why this isn't near the top of the to do list, if it's even on it at all. 


For me it's only 10 that I regularly use, but it's still a pain. Next machine: my new Surface Laptop Studio. Everything I need is synchronized, except search engines. 



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Hey there @ChromeRefugee! This is actually a great suggestion to submit over on our new Feedback Portal! You've got a really great point on the utility of this too, especially when you have even a few different search engines configured. 


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Hey Alexandra, thanks for the response. I think this kind of thing the team should discuss. It's a setting that's available in Edge, so if the goal is to synchronize all settings, this should simply be included.
The cynic in me thinks that such a handy advanced feature is not used enough (and not advertised enough tbh), so MS will simply let it languish and not work on improving it. I hope I'm wrong though!