Why are custom search engines not synchronized?

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Custom searches in Edge are super handy, but on every new machine I need to manually set them up again. Can these please be added to the list of things that are synched through our MS accounts? I don't understand why this isn't near the top of the to do list, if it's even on it at all. 


For me it's only 10 that I regularly use, but it's still a pain. Next machine: my new Surface Laptop Studio. Everything I need is synchronized, except search engines. 



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Hey there @ChromeRefugee! This is actually a great suggestion to submit over on our new Feedback Portal! You've got a really great point on the utility of this too, especially when you have even a few different search engines configured. 


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Hey Alexandra, thanks for the response. I think this kind of thing the team should discuss. It's a setting that's available in Edge, so if the goal is to synchronize all settings, this should simply be included.
The cynic in me thinks that such a handy advanced feature is not used enough (and not advertised enough tbh), so MS will simply let it languish and not work on improving it. I hope I'm wrong though!
I was thinking of creating a post about it and people are already talking.

This feature should have been active for a long time.

Chrome has always had it, it's too bad to keep re-registering everything on each machine.
No one else?

Hi @ChromeRefugee, I have submitted your suggestion here: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/51200319-986f-ec11-a81b-6045bd7bf64c and linked back to this post.

Anyone want this feature to be implemented are welcome to upvote and share it. Thank you!


Will we have an update?
it's so simple, why isn't it active yet?