Why are all the available Edge development jobs only in India and US?

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There are all these countries in Europe and literally the whole world. US is of course one of the main countries since Microsoft is US based company, no arguing about that, but why India? what's special about it? I don't understand.


like France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Canada, UK etc are all available and very skilled programmers in there but Microsoft Edge team won't hire from there or if they are residing in those countries? just why.




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@HotCakeX Great observation! Different product teams are based out of different locations, and ours just happened to be split between two physical offices, one in the US and one in India. Our team members come from a myriad of backgrounds and have many different nationalities, but we all are currently living in one of those two places.


That being said, if you find a position that you feel qualified for, anyone is always welcome to apply!

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Thanks for the explanation


While we usually respect that everyone has their own opinion, xenophobia is not ok here. This attitude is especially not acceptable regarding the phenomenal and highly skilled members of the Microsoft Edge team, or Microsoft as a whole. This comment will be reviewed by our forum moderator.
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Thanks @Deleted!

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