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Hi there,

last three days without changing anything in particular, the fonts in Microsoft Edge turned white and i cannot read anything that is written in the address bar. is there anything i can do or should i change browser?

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Hey there @alebeck23! It sounds like you might be running a custom theme. We've had several folks reporting that a handful of custom themes ran into issues with the latest update, and that removing and re-adding the theme works for most people. You can try switching to another theme and back first, though that doesn't work for everyone, and removing and re-adding seems to be the most effective for folks. 


Let me know if this gets you back up and running and able to see your address bar text!


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I was having this same problem as well, and this worked like a charm. Thank you!
Hi Alexandra,
thank you so much for the fast reply , it did work! not with all the themes but i found few that actually have dark fonts. thank you very much for help!