White Flash while opening page on Dev/Canary Builds [Windows]

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About 2 weeks back, I started noticing a bright flash every time a new tab or a web page is opened. I use the Dev build primarily, so I naturally checked with the stable build, and thankfully there was no flash there. The canary build also has the white flash on opening any page. This is a huge issue for late night browsing. As of right now too, the stable build is safe from this. There is a grayish background, instead of white, which makes it non cumbersome during late nights. The constant flashbangs are a lot of trouble.
I tried disabling the sleeping tabs and startup boost feature, but none of them helped either.

Is there any fix for this please? Really tough to use Edge preview builds with this bug.

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@jenabaivab Yes, they should enable Startup Boost for new tabs too, it reduces the flash. But how to stop it completely? For now, we can send feedback (Alt+Shift+I) on Windows, on other OS look for a person with a speech bubble on the top and click on it.
I don't think startup boost has anything to do with it on my system at least. Irrespective of my preferences for that feature, the flashes are non-stop. :(
@jenabaivab I didn't say Startup Boost caused it, I said that Startup Boost should be added to new tabs.



2022 and issue still there. Couldn't even find a dev bug ticket on it WTH.  It's been happening since long before 2020.  Got a distinct feeling I'll be back every year to report nothing has changed.