WHITE FLASH on startup

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Hello, I think it's been years since first feedback on this issue...but it's not fixed yet...why? The attached video shows the issue.

I checked dev and canary builds.. and guess what? yes, it is the same.

When will you fix it? 

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It is a persistent problem that has been raised again and again in this forum. I have no idea why it isn't fixed.
Hello, i don't have this problem. Which edge are you using ?
what do you mean WHICH edge?...............................
Version and channel, because on edge dev and stable i don't have any problem
have you read my opening post?
you don't have a flash because it's there, but you have a white theme
Yes i read it, with Black theme i don't have any White flash !
ok, so... I almost bet it's some bug with extensions I'll try soon resetting it. Do you use fast startup and hardware acceleration in settings? Thank You
No, resetting doesn't help... disabling hardware accelration and fast startup neither do
This is a known problem since 2019, nothing wrong with your setup, extensions or your home microwave....it's MS Edge problem on all versions till now...a dumb glaring and eye blinding white flash that happens on startup, that seems to signify that Edge is by default white and the dark theme that they gave us is not loaded on startup but rather later in the startup pipeline when the browser figures out that "hey, this user has a dark theme...let me switch quickly like they won't notice anything cus they are that dumb"