Which versions are no longer supported by the developer especially on security fixes/patch?

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Microsoft edge browser version 14 until 117.

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Hi @sinchi1175 


For Windows 11 and 10, the current "stable" release of Edge is: 116.0.1938.69

(that is also the current-version for macOS ("High Sierra" 10.13 and later), and recent Linux distros)


For Windows 8.1 and 7 SP1, the final-version of Edge is: 109.0.1518.78

It no-longer gets any security-updates.

Consider moving to Firefox 115.2.0 "Extended Support Release", which still supports both.


Windows Vista, XP and older were never supported by any version of Microsoft Edge.

(the only web-browser for those that's still updated I know of is "K-Meleon on Goanna")


(If this does not help, please ask-again with different-phrasing on what you're needing to know.)

@sinchi1175 These webpages may also answer what you want:


Microsoft Edge Security Updates - see which versions got a patch on what date



Microsoft Edge Support Lifecycle - how-long versions get supported for



To summarise:


For the "stable releases", it says the current-version and two-previous get updates.  So that would mean Edge 116, 115 and 114 all still get security-updates, but no versions before that.  This would be the version of Edge that most home-users and small-businesses would be using.


For the "Extended Stable" version of Edge, then the two most-recent even-numbered releases of Edge are supported.  So that would currently be Edge 116 and 114.  This is a version of Edge that large companies may be using by requesting to use it via "Group Policy".


So, in short:

•  Edge version 113 and all older versions no-longer get any security patches

•  Windows 11 or 10 PCs, or those with a recent macOS or Linux OS, can use the latest v116

•  Windows 8.1 and 7 PCs should use Firefox ESR 115.2.0 instead, which still offers updates

•  Windows Vista and older have never supported Microsoft Edge

hi sorry, may I know where can I get these information? As I cannot actually get the answers I need from the links. Also, according to your response, edge version 113 and all older versions no longer get any security patches, whereas there is an information stated that version 109 was still getting updated recently. Appreciate to get your responses soon, thank you very much!@dftf-wip 

Hi @sinchi1175 


If you click the first-link I shared earlier ( https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/deployedge/microsoft-edge-relnotes-security ) it lists past updates to Edge.  If you then hold your Control key and press F it'll bring-up a small panel at the right of the address-bar where you can search for text on that page. I typed 109 and the most-recent update listed is 109.0.1518.115, which was released 13 June this-year:



There are no more-recent updates listed on that-page for the 109 version.  If you are hearing differently, could you share a link to the article you are looking at?


Then for the guidance on which versions of Edge get supported that was the second-link ( https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-support-lifecycle ) I sent you.  Simply scroll-down the page, and refer to the table there:



It advises that the for the stable releases of Edge (the "4-week Stable" row) that the support period is the "current and 2 previous".  The current stable-version of Edge is, as of today, 116.0.1938.69.  This means that the 116, 115 and 114 releases are still getting updates.  But 113 would not be, as that would be the 3rd-previous release, and the table clearly says "and 2 previous", not three.


Then for the corporate "Extended Stable" release of Edge it says the "current and 1 previous", BUT for that version of Edge, it only applies to the even-number releases.  So currently Edge 116 and Edge 114 are the ones being supported.


In that table, "servicing coverage" means "how long does this version of Edge get updates for" and "support coverage across releases" means "how long can you contact Microsoft for support for that version of Edge".  Support lasts-longer than the actual updates do!