Where is 'SameSite by default cookies'?

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今天更新到了91.0.825.0 dev版本,我发现原来在“实验”中的SameSite by default cookies不见了,这个属于正常现象吗?是否有相关帮助文档呢?

Now I'm in 91.0.825.0 dev and I find flags "SameSite by default cookies" disappeared.

Is that common? Where can I find any helpful documentation?


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the solution is you need to enable this flag: edge://flags/#temporary-unexpire-flags-m90


that flag was expired when Edge moved to version 91, intentionally or unintentionally. a developer said on the forum that they are planning to unexpire the useful flags again, but for now, enabling that flag will bring them all back.


after restarting Edge, you will have SameSite by default cookies flag again: 


现在更新到 91.0.852.0 版本了,这个标志再次消失了。我想请教下现在是否还能找回它,以及为何会移除这个标记?我尝试在本论坛搜索,但是的确没能找到答案。
Now in 91.0.852.0 and it disappeared again.
I'd like to know how to find it back and why will this flags expired. I searched but didn't found related solutions, could you help me about that?



if that flag is removed then you can send feedback using feedback button on Edge and voice your concern about it. that will be sent directly to the Edge team and viewed by them.


you could also try adding this to the end of the "Target" of your Edge shortcut on desktop:

--flag-switches-begin --enable-features=SameSiteByDefaultCookies --flag-switches-end

no guarantee it will work though since the flag is removed, but worth a shot.

hope that helps